Logo Ar En Studio

Ar.En. Studio Associato is an architectural and engineering firm, which operates in the construction field, mainly dealing with architecture. Ar.En Studio develops the project in all phases, from conception to construction and management, by taking care of the design, technical, legislative and management aspects.

The work of Ar.En. Studio, through the different design scales, from the interior design to the landscape, proposes a vision of the architecture as a dynamic container able to respond to the changing needs and complex challenges of the contemporary society and to express, through a meticulous work on the form, a technological and functional content in a stylistic form, which respects the heritage and value of Italian tradition.

Analogy, listening and technique are so the catalysts of the project aimed at defining new spaces for life and work.

Ar.En. Studio has gained over time a significant experience in the design of private building, residences, infrastructure, accompanied by an ability to control the project throughout each stage, from the feasibility study and the architectural concept, right up to final design and construction.