We have developed an offer of advisory modular acquisition, development and management of real estate portfolios and retail channels, built on the expertise of our founding partner and the following activities:

Selection and acquisition
• Identification and analysis of macro and micro location
• Economic research and evaluation of existing opportunities
• Technical due diligence and business
• Support and / or direct management of the negotiation

Sourcing management

• Pre-selection of suppliers by product category
• Organization and management tenders
• Support and / or direct management to trading
• Formalizing contracts
• Supply chain management

Property management and management of the life cycle
• Legal, administrative and contractual real estate portfolios
• Segmentation of the retail channel with identifying the profit drivers channels
• Support to the points of sale management
• The life cycle of individual stores management

Project management
• Drafting a business plan
• Project Coordination
• Transverse management of project resources

Architecture and design
• Concept design
• Conceptual Design
• Detailed design